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We are here to teach you how to achieve optimum health, which is your birth right and transform your life to a new level of awareness, clarity, joyfulness and high energy.



Chef Sara’s Raw Vegan Academy offers one-on-one classes, workshops, chef certifications classes, food preparation classes, and the exclusive 3 weeks back to health class.



More and more people are turning to a vegan diet for the health benefits: increased energy, younger looking skin and eternal youth are just some of the claims from enthusiastic plant eaters.



The first and only restaurant on the planet that is FREE of GMO, Gluten, Soy, Corn, Peanuts, Cashews, Nightshades, Honey, Agave, Grains and Dried Beans.

what is real food?


Real food is raw plant-base food that is grown in nature state without modification and it is loaded with all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein and carbohydrate that our body needs to sustain good health.

Food that is produced in a factory or engineered in a lab is poison to our body, it is the main cause of the epidemic of disease that we see today.

The body is a very smart machine, it can heal itself rapidly if you detoxify and consume highly nutritional food that provides your body with all that is necessary to sustain optimum health.

Featured Class

Chef Certification Class

At Chef Sara’s Raw Vegan Academy, you will learn directly from Master Chef Sara Siso about Raw Foods and the Raw Vegan Lifestyle. There are four course levels to chose from: Detoxification, Basics & Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine, , Advanced Raw Cuisine, and Fabulous Guilt Free Desserts. These courses may be taken in any order at any time. However, the Raw Vegan Chef Certificate will only be awarded to those who complete all four courses. The full course of curriculum takes 4 weeks to complete. A fifth level, which includes a 30-day internship at the Academy/Restaurant and additional one-on-one guidance, will be offered to top students in the class.

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Chef Sara is the real deal. Had huge health concerns including but not limited to: Total loss of my senses of smell and taste, unimaginable production of mucus on a constant basis, dyslexia and much more! Chef Sara suggested a total detox and presented me with a list of ailments and complaints and asked me to circle the appropriate maladies. I had quite a few items circled which she said her detox program would fix within two weeks or less. I must here and now make testimony and state that within 14 days on her detox program 90-95% of my complaints were completely gone AND by 21 days in addition to 100% recovery, I noticed that some life long problems I had given up on and was not seeking help with, also improved with some eliminated entirely!! Please keep up the good work Chef Sara. We all need you and your wonderful world of raw vegan foods. You are a shining example of living the raw life daily.

P.S. I forgot to mention Chef Sara’s wonderful raw vegan food she serves up at her Raw Vegan Academy & Cafe in Cave Creek AZ. If you want to eat terrific raw, tasty, aromatically delicious and visually gorgeous food or do you just want to get well… I did and do both!

Bill Marinelli
It was on a Tuesday morning when I started on my journey with Chef Sara! My daughter had been telling me for several years that chef Sara could help me, but my mind could not grasp the concept. I still had the conventional medicine mindset. I had just finished a year of chemotherapy when I thought everything was fine, but in 3 months it (cancer) had come back. So the dr.’s said more chemo, but God took me to Chef Sara and my healing began. Not just physical, but he wanted me to get well emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I thought I was eating very healthy, but wrong just because I was eating organic wasn’t helping my body fight cancer. When I started with Chef Saras detox program I had no idea what I was doing. I could hardly hold my head up, I was so weak from chemo, nor did I really care what was going on but God made a way for me and got to Chef Sara’s. The whole week I was going through the emotions. Juicing 4 times /day not eating, nothing and really I wasn’t appreciating God’s medicine that Chef Sara was giving me but I just didn’t feel well. My eyes were yellow and I really wanted some food!Chef Sara was diligent to her program and would drill me about my juicing. As the days went on I started to feel better. Still weak but my mind became clearer and my eyes were getting white. On day 10 I still was juicing, but on day 11 Chef Sara gave me a preparation class and I was able to eat lunch. Her food is amazing!! You can not believe the miracles from God that I have received since I started the program God kept me from Chemo several times. I forgot an appointment and had the wrong day this was totally not me because normally I took my dr. appointments and chemo very seriously. But as I would listen to Chef Sara, and see her in her walk I began to change. My heart started changing and I wasn’t so scared of the program. My heart and mind started lining up with Chef Sara’s words taking God’s medicine really into my body. Seeing every cell in my body becoming alkaline and full of oxygen. I began feeling so grateful for Chef Sara and God’s medicine. I started seeing blessings from God by being obedient to Chef Sara’s program. All I can say to everyone is I have own alkaline body and I’m well Glory to God!Because I followed Chef Sara’s program and I would say to everyone don’t wait another day. Start her detox program today. Chef Sara is an amazing woman who i dearly love. I tell her all the time she is anointed from God My life has been changed in every area of my life and i would not go back living eating a western diet for anything. In just 1 month I have more energy, off of supplements, able to sleep at night, and actually able to eat delicious healthy food full of live enzymes that is fueling my body God has intended my body to function. has it been easy? Oh no, one of the hardest lessons I have endured but the best lesson of my life. Thank you Chef Sara from the bottom of my heart!!
I just completed Chef Sara”s 3 Weeks Back to Health detox course, and I have to tell you, that this is the best detox program I have done. I”ve been raw vegan for 3 years and for the past year have been struggling with some stress related weight that would not come off despite the various detox programs and juice programs I have tried. Within the first 5 days of Chef Sara”s program I lost 5 pounds. The remaining 6 pounds of belly fat that I have been fighting with came off the second week of the program. Now, I can once again feel the energy singing through me! I”m wearing clothes that I have not been able to wear in over a year. How empowering all this energy and vibrancy feels.

Thank you for helping me find my well self again, Sara!

Denise Norber
I feel the most amazing and the best I have ever felt in my entire life, I truly feel like a completely different woman. Although I didn’t think I could do it, completing Chef Sara’s detox program truly allowed me to gain control of my poor eating habits and jumpstart my body back to good health.

I’ve battled my weight since the age of 6 and have tried every weight loss program I could find; weight watchers, Adkins, south beach diet, nothing worked and if it did it didn’t last long. At 31 years old I found myself at my highest weight (211 pounds) and seeing that number I saw a future riddled with weight related diseases. Already allergies, asthma and anxiety ranked among my health issues and I was not looking forward to signing anymore on. I decided to finally make a real change in my life.

Within the first week of Chef Sara’s program I lost nearly 15 pounds! What most surprised me about the program was how emotionally, mentally and spiritually transformative it is. I felt peaceful and relaxed and most importantly truly in control of my food choices. The first day of the detox was the most challenging…after the first day I found myself “in the zone”. Food was no longer controlling me; I was enjoying the green juices and wheat grass and daily meditation. Hunger had become only a soft nagging feeling in the background. After the 6 day detox I woke up feeling energetic, vibrant, clear headed and with a clear direction. I learned about the effects of food on my body, how to make smart food choices and to create amazing raw vegan meals. This knowledge made me feel truly empowered and ready to silence my food demons once and for all.

Chef Sara is truly an inspiring woman. Throughout the process she was my personal coach, checking in on me daily, encouraging and supporting me during this life changing process. Chef Sara is so dedicated to her clients I knew I would succeed in this program. She has such a wealth of knowledge, is an amazing chef and extremely committed to health and wellness. I’ve learned to make absolutely delicious food that impresses my inner “foodie” and nourishes my body. I am a changed woman and I owe it all to Chef Sara, and I am truly lucky to have found her!


Noemi Garcia
You are truly lucky when you are able to help yourself before its too late.

3 years ago I was bit by a mosquito that I thought nothing of until my entire immune system shut down. I finally realized I had West Nile Virus. I was a very active person who worked in celebrity/fashion marketing, traveled the world, dined out in amazing restaurants and lived a very jet set lifestyle. I thought I knew about food and staying healthy. I was SO wrong. For example, I knew for my body type white foods were bad, so I stayed away from bread, pasta, dessert etc. I never liked soda enough to drink it daily so I thought exercise and no “whites” would do the trick. Well none of this mattered or could help me when I got sick. If anything, this kind of eating made it worse.

My system became so bad that I started having buzzing effects in my body, had chemical sensitivities where I couldn”t travel anymore because the fuel from the airplanes bothered me so bad, couldn”t go in the mall from the toxic chemicals on the clothes, and started to have SEVERE allergeic reactions to food and body products. Needless to say my entire life was turned upside down. I realized I had no choice but to accept it and do something about it if I could.

I tried conventional medicine and it made me worse. The doctors had no idea of what to do and just kept pushing harmful drugs my way. Eventually, one doctor wanted to commit me into a hospital. That”s when I said ENOUGH! I went out to seek what other options were out there. In the addition to other alternative treatments, I found Chef Sara. She is a true blessing for so many reasons. She truly cares about her clients and is dedicated to helping them fully recover from their suffering. Her enthusiasm alone will help lift your spirit.

I did her 3 week detox program and it was one of those priceless moments in life. She taught me never seen before methods of how to prepare tasty clean food, combine food, clean your system of toxins and truly respect your body. I learned that sugar feeds cancer, there is a difference when buying local vs national organic products, what kind of nuts make your body acidic etc. These are crucial because if your body is acidic, that”s when disease can excel. If I know anything, I know without your health you have NOTHING! Sara is truly one of a kind. There are plenty of vegan/raw products out there but she is a true chef at heart, so anything she makes is truly delicious and extremely nutritious. I”m so happy with all of my food options, I never think about my weight anymore, I get to eat delicious desserts that are full of antioxidants and most importantly, I know that I”m helping myself with food.

Food is medicine. Most people don”t think like this because we don”t have to until unfortunately we are desperate for a solution . Hopefully, people will realize to start before they get sick. I never want to be sick again and I”m so thankful that I have Sara as option to help me stay healthy for the rest of my life.

Think of it this way… If you owned a Ferrari would you put the best gas inside to make it run at premium efficiency? YES! Consider your self a Ferrari 😉

“I am so glad that you are providing a service that I need/want/enjoy. Keep up the great work!”

Shanna Israel
Chef Sara has the amazing ability to capture your interest and attention to improve your quality of life through positive thinking, and eating the right foods. Sara has opened the Vegan world to me and has made me knowledgeable about what food does to you.

Everything you put in your body can effect you, so by putting the right foods will improve how you look and feel. I can say honestly I haven”t had this kind of energy and healthy feeling since I was a young woman. I have more energy now than I have had for years. I always thought I ate healthy, and to a certain extent I did, but after learning from Sara more, I realized I wasn”t eating half as healthy as I am now. I feel FABULOUS, Thank you Sara for all your great inspiration, great knowledge, and cheers to you for caring to help people .

Helene Webman
I enrolled in Chef Sara’s Chef Certification program expecting to become a raw food chef and health educator but what I recieved was way beyond my expectations! Chef Sara’s expertise in the raw food word is top notch! She taught me with simplicity and excellence, instilling in me not to compromise with quality. She taught me everything from simple raw vegan breakfast to elegant entrees along with holiday parties of 25 – 30 people. Chef Sara was always teaching and willing to share her knowledge in every area. I not only developed into a raw food chef who practices in excellence, I also was educated in her 3 Weeks Back To Health Program. As I was educated in this program I witnessed many people being changed back to good health after completing her program, their lives were restored! It has not even been a year since I graduated from her program and I have already started my own business with educating people on restoring their lives through detoxing and plant based foods. I started out selling entrees and desserts at a local farmers market,(which Chef Sara also taught me!), now I am opening my own cafe inside of a local health food store!! I am so excited about my future to change peoples lives to better health! I would highly recommend Chef Sara for all of her programs! Very personal and true in heart! Thank you Chef Sara for all your wisdom and expertise! Top notch!
Chef Jennifer
I want to thank Chef Sara for her 3 Weeks Back to Health Program. I am 70 years old and her program has changed my life. Before going thru Chef Sara’s program I would have to take a nap in the afternoon. Now I have stamina to go thru the whole day. The doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medication, but now my blood pressure is normal. As a matter of fact, I had blood work and all my panels came out normal. I am on no medication. I would get rashes on my face and now they have disappeared. Heat burn is no longer a problem. Also I have lost about 30 lbs.

I would highly recommend Chef Sara’s 3 Week Back to Health Program. If it change my life, it can change yours. Thanks so much Chef Sara.

Wm Spicka



Chef Sara Raw Vegan Gluten Free Cuisine

The First Raw, Vegan, and Organic food preparation book on the planet that is free of GMO, gluten, soy, peanuts, cashews, nightshades, honey, grains,corn and beans. It contains delicious meals that are easy to prepare and full of nutrition. Chef Sara details how each ingredient can help fight Cancer, Diabetes, Celiac Disease, High Blood Pressure, Candida, and allergies. She teaches how to detox safely and shed unnecessary weight, while boosting your energy, vitality, and immune system. Chef Sara also explains the benefits of wheatgrass, green juices, and food combining. Her recipes make raw food preparation easy and fun… even when on the go!


Rawgasmic Plant Based Cuisine “God’s Medicine”

Gluten free, No Soy, No GMO, No Corn, No peanuts, No Cashews, No Honey, No Agave, No Nightshades, No Grains and No Dried Beans. Reverse cancer, diabetes, disease of all kind, detox your body with plant based food.